Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Top Spin Rides

The top spin ride is made up of two arms with a large gondola slung between the two. On the opposite ends of the arms are two counterweights. On portable Top Spin 1 models, two large tanks flank the supports that act as a ballast for the ride. Top Spin 2 models do not have this feature.
The riders choose one of the two rows, and move all the way to the end so others can get into the seats. Riders are secured by two restraints, a shoulder harness and T-style lapbar. When the lapbar comes down, it’s almost standard fare to hear at least a few riders wail in exaggerated pain.

The cycle on a Top Spin can vary wildly. If you’re riding a theme park version, especially one in the US, you can expect a very tame ride with only a couple of inversions over the course of a minute or so. A carnival will offer a cycle scores better than any theme park. Finally, a European funfair Top Spin will basically test the endurance of riders with multiple inversions and cycles approaching five minutes or more!

While cycles are different, they all contain similar elements in different orders and intensity such as:

Locking the gondola, moving the arms in one direction, and then releasing the gondola brake to make it flip. Every time the gondola goes upside down, the arms are moved down or up to keep it flipping.
Racing the arms over the top with the gondola unlocked to provide a negative-G sensation.
Locking the gondola upsidedown at the top for various lengths of time.
Locking the gondola right side up at the top and then slowly lowering the arms. If the particular Top Spin is equipped with water jets, then the jets are usually turned on high, leaving riders to edge closer and closer to them. Top spin manufacturer in China Beston group.

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