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How to Ride the Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are a carnival and amusement park classic. If you're keen to enjoy the thrill of a bumper car game but aren't sure what to do, start with step one, below.

Approach the line. Not all amusement parks have this ride, but if they do, it's likely to be a popular one, so you'll need to line up.

Wait for the game operator to tell you it is safe to enter the ride. There will be many dodgem cars in the rink waiting to play the game. If the color of your car you want has already been taken, look for other cars in the rink. No one car is ever better than another.

Determine the direction of play. You will either be permitted to move around in a circular track in one direction, or you may be allowed to move in any direction.
  • Look for the presence of a center median in the center of the game; having one will often mean the cars go in a circular pattern around the track.
  • Listen out for any rules and guidelines telling you more about driving direction.
Put on your seat belt or lower the lap bar. This safety mechanism may differ between rides. However, they achieve the same reason: safety.

Drive when the announcer/buzzer says it's time to go. Push in the gas pedal as if driving a real car. Keep your hands on the wheel.There is no such thing as a clutch or brake pedal in these cars.

Watch the reaction of the other player's car's face. Most often they'll laugh or smirk, but you'll be having a great time.

Turn your wheel if you need to get out of a jam. The further you turn it to the right or left, the better possibility you'll drive around in a circle and get out of a tight corner. Just be careful, because on turning, you might get bumped.

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Preparation for Your Own Amusement Parks

The amusement park industry has shown steady attendance and revenue growth over the past twenty years. But not all parks are a success. While a well-planned amusement park can generate steady revenues and enormous amounts of capital, a poorly planned one can be a money-pit. To make sure your amusement park is a success, both with your guests and your investors, you will need to plan carefully, gather an experienced team to oversee the design and construction, and carefully train your staff to ensure a smooth opening.

Planning Your Park and Attracting Capital

 Pick the type of amusement park you will open. You will need to do market research to determine the size of the market and the competitors in your area. If there is already a well-established park in the area, it will be easier to break into the market if your park offers a substantially different experience, whether in terms of rides or theme. The two major types of park are water parks and thrill-based parks involving roller-coasters and other types of rides. There are seven major types of theme, though many parks combine several of them:
Adventure – Thrill rides, mystery, action.
Futurism – Discovery, exploration, science, robotics, science fiction.
International – Flavors of the world, areas with national themes.
Nature – Animals, gardens, natural wonders.
Fantasy – Cartoon characters, magic, myths and legends.
History and Culture – Historical ambiance, areas with period themes.
Movies – Rides based on films, stunt shows, behind the scenes.

Decide Between Franchising or Starting a New Park

Though starting your own park will allow you more control over the attractions offered and the style of the park, it also entails greater risk. Starting a franchise will give you more support and a proven brand that will aid in raising capital. For a first time business owner, it is a safer option.

Hire an experienced group to perform a feasibility study

Amusement parks require a lot of capital to start, and there is no sense in wasting time and effort if there is no market for your park. A feasibility study will take into account potential sites, your park concept, the local market and tourist market, and industry trends and local competition in order to estimate costs, revenues, and how many first-year guests you can expect. This last number is hugely important, as the number of first-year guests expected will determine the amount you need to spend to build a park that can accommodate them. Estimate too low, and your park will be overcrowded. Estimate too high, and your park will fail due to inability to recoup construction costs.

Write a Business Plan 

To attract investors and efficiently run your business, you will need to develop a strategic plan, which you will base on the analysis performed in the feasibility study. You can find more details about how to write a plan here, but broadly, you will want to include:
Your business concept: what sort of park you are creating, your strengths and weaknesses, long term goals, and performance indicators, beyond the bottom line, which will let you know you are succeeding or failing.
Market research: the nature of the amusement park industry, the size of the market and how much of it you must capture to show a profit, who are your customers, who are your local competitors, how will you advertise your park.
A marketing plan: how you will communicate with customers and grow your customer base.
An operations plan: identify the individual projects that will lead to completing your larger goals. To begin with, these might include steps to build the park like finding a favorable location, deciding the type of park to build, and hiring an architect, or steps to run the park like hiring experienced managers, deciding on the number of staff needed and their pay, placing ads, and hiring staff.
Financial projections: the first thing potential investors will look at, they include: start-up costs such as purchasing land, construction and equipment; operating costs including staff, insurance, utilities, and supplies; marketing costs; and revenue projections from ticket sales, concession sales, games, gift shops, and other sources. Project costs and revenues for at least the first five years.
You can find a sample business plans for an amusement park here.

Hire an Experienced Firm to Design Your Amusement Park

Before going to potential investors, you will need an attractive mock-up of your park that both features the attractions and takes into account zoning, safety, and traffic flow. Designing a theme park requires a variety of specialized skills from drawing to understanding ride engineering and safety to managing traffic flow. To make a convincing presentation to potential investors, it is best to hire a firm that has a successful track record in park design.

Create a scripted pitch for investors

Your pitch should be designed to quickly capture potential investors’ attention, impress them with the thoroughness of your financials, and show them how they will make money. Be sure to include:
A one minute “elevator pitch” – This pitch should be practiced until you have it down cold. It tells a story that explains the opportunity in the marketplace and how you intend to exploit it, and should make investors want to know more. You will use it both at chance meetings – cocktail parties, elevators – and to start off formal pitches.
A compelling PowerPoint presentation – The key here is to keep it short and simple. A good presentation should take less than 15 minutes, meaning 12 to 15 slides that summarize the content of your business plan.
An exit strategy – Make sure your PowerPoint presentation discusses how investments will be monetized, whether that means paying dividends, recapitalizing (borrowing money to buy out investors), going public, or selling to another operator.

Pitch your park to potential investors

Amusement parks are expensive. The average cost of construction per expected first-year guest is $109.61, meaning that if you hope to attract a million guests in year one, you will need to raise approximately $109,610,000. Approach banks, venture capitalists, and angel investors (wealthy individuals).
In addition to your business plan and design, you will need to write an investor proposal letter. Send it out very judiciously, usually after you have already attracted some investment.
Amusement parks can be a tough sell. To improve your odds, start with people who have invested in amusement parks or entertainment in the past.
Investors receive hundreds of unsolicited proposals, most of which never go read. Your best bet is to use connections who can recommend you to potential investors.

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Why Samba Balloon Rides Are Alluring To Kids Of Every Age Group

When you have ever scene a beautiful samba balloon ride with an amusement park before, you should think about allowing your young ones to ride on one. They can be fun and safe rides that they will enjoy that are designed for younger children. It seems as should they be within a little balloon. There are actually usually six or eight of them that are surrounding a hexagonal or are talking all centerpiece. It will almost certainly tip from side to side since it spins around, and will also play music. It's typically made using a substantial amount of primary colors to draw in kids from a long way off. They are meant to not really scary, but to present kids with an imagination the concept that they may be on a balloon ride. If you are looking for just one amusement ride for the carnival, let's talk a little more about these balloon rides which are so well liked.

The Reason Why This Carnival Ride Favored By Children?

This particular ride is popular with children to get a couple different reasons. Firstly, it's very colorful and does seem like balloons. After they get inside, they may sit throughout the centerpiece where they can browse around, and up out on the balloon which is overhead. It's not likely to spin around really quick, permitting them to relax and simply enjoy the point that they may be as to what appears to be a miniature balloon. Check out more details here:

Where Can You Find These Available For Purchase?

These are typically available for sale from companies around the world. Beston group in China is your preferred choice. You could potentially probably find one that may be coming from a domestic source. However, the retail price you will pay is going to be just a little greater than if you bought it from your country like China. In reality, the Orient will be the primary location where people search for these products. They could create some of the most fantastic theme park rides for minimal numbers of money. It is because the fee for labor is down, and also the materials that really must be purchased to help make these rides. When you have not added one of these brilliant samba balloon rides at your carnival or theme park, you should look at adding one soon. More details about Beston group are here:

What Size In The Event You Get?

The dimensions that you will get should be from 8 to 10 m in diameter. These will easily accommodate as much as 32 people. They will assist you to quickly add on as much children as possible, keeping your lines short, at the same time providing this quality type of entertainment. When you have never gone to a carnival with a samba balloon ride, your kids will definitely notice. They are going to wait to allow them to get the opportunity to ride in what appears to be a heat balloon which has beautiful colors, emblems and styles.

This is one of the better rides you could have for small children at an amusement park. It will definitely have more customers. Should you haven't talked to one of these simple businesses before, you can certainly select one on the net that is currently offering affordable prices. Upon having made the decision to acquire one, you know where to look. It will take several weeks to arrive, but it may become the most common attraction you have for young kids.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to Get the Greatest Amusement Park Train

If you run an amusement park and desire to make certain that you will be taking advantage of logistics, it pays to communicate with contractors who will help you out. Probably the most critical aspects to search for in relation to your theme park is to make sure that you acquire an theme park train which will be used throughout the course of your amusement park. You must concentrate on some factors with your amusement park train which will be important to you as you go along. With this thought, there are many critical factors which will make your theme park secure, while allowing your theme park attendees to experience themselves.

So if you would like make best use of your park, consider giving yourself the assistance and service you need following the information laid out below.

To start with, you should examine the credentials from the company that can be installing the amusement park train to suit your needs. By setting the company is making sure that safety safety a high priority, you won't make your employees, part attendees and all visitors save and sound throughout the course of the park lifespan. This will also assist you to avoid any type of liabilities that tend to include the territory of owning and operating an theme park. Some individuals create the mistake of only concentrating on how the train looks. Why aesthetics are extremely important, you won't should focus first of all in the performance of the train and its capability to get people from point a to point B as quickly and safely as is possible.

Always invest in a prepare for the theme park train that permits you to get maintenance when you really need it. Whenever a train drops, a person's theme park experience will likely be adversely affected and they also may start to either demand refunds or spread negative reputation regarding your part. Keeping the trains running and running punctually would decrease this whilst keeping your part a viable option for those who want to have some fun.

For the greatest assist in service in this regard, get in touch with amusement park train companies which will help you out thoroughly. Check around to find the best service and professionalism till you have the amusement park train you need.

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How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

Even though mechanical bulls were originally intended for bull riders in training, they've also become more common at parties and bars ever since they were popularized by the 1980 film, Urban Cowboy. So if you want to put your bull riding skills to the test, here are some ways to hold on tight without embarrassing yourself! Mechanical bull rides are so popular that they are welcomed in amusement parks, fairgrounds, parties and clubs. For more information about mechanical bull rides, please check out here:

1. Holding
Hold on with your dominant hand. You can either grip the handhold with you palm facing up, or with an over grip with the palm facing down (Brazilian style).; make sure you have a good grip. Sometimes you are provided with a glove for your gripping hand.

2. Body actions
    1. Focus on squeezing with your thighs. Too many people think the control is on the one hand you're holding on with. You should be using your leg muscles to "root" you to the bull.
   2. Relax your upper body. The ride operator is going to try to use your upper body weight against you when the bull bows down in front and the rear tips up. Most people get rolled off the front during this maneuver. Your best strategy is to point your heels together and try to lean back when the bull dives forward to counter the momentum and then rhythmically shift your weight the opposite way when the bull tips up in the front. Most importantly, keep your upper body loose and relaxed--if you keep it stiff, the momentum will swing you off the bull.

3. Balancing

    1. Use your free hand for balance. Think about how a tightrope walker uses their hands to maintain balance; you should be doing the same with your free hand. Although it might look like people wave it around just to look cool, it really can help you stay on the bull. Holding a hat in that hand might help, too!
   2. Shift your weight. At times, the operator will make the bull go up, down, left, right and circles. Shifting your weight will help.

  • If the bull goes up with the head up and rear down, shift your weight in your pelvic area down.
  • If the bull goes down, with rear up and head down, shift your pelvic area up and lean back just a bit.
  • If the bull goes left, try to lean a bit right. If the bull goes right, then try leaning a bit left.
  • When the mechanical bull spins in circles, try to lean in the opposite way, so if it spins left, then lean a bit right. If the bull goes right, then lean left.
Except for mechanical bull rides, there are still many amusement rides for you in here:
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Safety tips for riders of all ages

Amusement parks and traveling carnivals offer an exciting escape from everyday life, but thrill rides must be used with care. The rules below can help you learn how to choose and use amusement rides safely.

Read and obey all posted rules and restrictions.

  • Follow all posted height/age restrictions, rules, and verbal instructions issued by ride operators. Riders who are smaller or larger than the posted limits may not adequately protected by the ride's restraints and safety system.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, check with your doctor before riding thrill rides.

Make sure the ride is appropriate for the rider.

  • When choosing rides for children, older riders, or people with disabilities, be conservative and realistic.  Most thrill rides are, by their very nature, physically demanding and emotionally intense.
  • Make sure the restraints fit well and the rider is secured.  Small, thin riders and obese riders are at higher risk of ejection in rides that rely on lap restraints.
  • If a child or developmentally-disabled rider seems frightened for any reason, alert the operator before the ride starts so you can get off safely and find another ride.
  • Ride with your child until you're absolutely sure he or she can understand and follow all of the safety rules.  Slower rides aren't required to have child restraints, so manufacturers and owner/operators often rely on children to keep themselves safely contained inside the vehicle.
  • If you question whether a child or disabled person in your charge should be on a particular ride, err on the side of caution. If someone lacks the capacity to fully understand what they may be subjected to and the results of their actions, they shouldn't be placed on a ride which can induce great fear and panic.

Securely latch all restraints and use grab bars.

  • Double-check seat belts, shoulder harnesses, and lap bars.  Hold onto handrails, when provided.  They're part of the safety equipment, designed to keep you safely in place.

Stay in the "locked and loaded" position for the entire ride cycle.

  • The attendant will make sure you're properly positioned and secured before the ride is launched.  It's your job to maintain that safe position until the ride comes to a final stop at the unloading point.
  • Keep all body parts and belongings inside the ride at all times. This includes hands, arms, fingers, legs, feet, toes, long hair, etc. Items dropped or thrown from a ride can cause serious accidents.
  • Never stand up on a roller coaster to get a "bigger thrill", or rock a vehicle that's not designed to be controlled by riders.
  • If a ride stops temporarily, due to breakdown or other reason, stay seated and wait for the ride to start up again or for an operator to give your further instructions. Make sure kids know this before they're allowed to ride alone.
  • Ride eyes-front to protect your neck. If you've got your head turned when a sudden change in acceleration occurs, injuries can result.

Take frequent breaks if you're riding high-g rides.

  • Repeated rides on high-g rides can lead to loss of consciousness. Loss of consciousness results in loss of postural control, which can lead to serious injury on a high-acceleration ride. Patrons are warned to rest 20-30 minutes between rides.

Stop riding before you get excessively tired.

  • Tired riders are more likely to make a mistake or skip a safety procedure, and might not have the strength needed to hold their head up or brace themselves around curves.

Drink plenty of fluids throughout your stay at an amusement park or carnival.

  • Dehydration can increase your risk of injury or illness on some rides.

Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Don't board a ride if it looks poorly-maintained or the operator is inattentive.

  • While most parks and carnivals pay close attention to ride safety, there are unfortunate exceptions - just as in any industry.  Follow your instincts. If something about a ride seems out of whack, don't ride it.
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drop tower rides

From this video, you can see how attractive the drop tower ride is! Your guests will see the sky drop ride far away, and show great interest in the ride. and what's more, more often than not, they will go over your site and have a ride on the towering drop tower rides.

Drop tower ride is most exciting tower rides of swing tower, samba tower, frog hopper. Standing high in the air, the sky drop ride has high impact in small footprints. Firstly, people can the drop tower ride in your park far away, and draw them to your parks. Secondly, the extraordinary thrilling movements will lure more people to have a try. Drop tower rides are your perfect choices, if you want to make your parks more profitable and attractive.

Premium new drop tower rides for sale. Great addition to your theme and amusement parks. Incredible thrill experience for your guests. Making huge money for you!

drop tower rides

Drop tower ride is most exciting tower rides of swing tower, samba tower, frog hopper. Standing high in the air, the sky drop ride has high impact in small footprints. Firstly, people can the drop tower ride in your park far away, and draw them to your parks. Secondly, the extraordinary thrilling movements will lure more people to have a try. Drop tower rides are your perfect choices, if you want to make your parks more profitable and attractive.

Premium new drop tower rides for sale. Great addition to your theme and amusement parks. Incredible thrill experience for your guests. Making huge money for you!

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kiddie robot amusement rides

Kids always love robots. Now Beston introduces new robot amusement rides for kids. And they definitely will be very popular among children and adults. Due to the compact dimensions, these cool looking robot rides are suitable for shopping malls, indoor and out door amusement parks, family entertainment centers, local carnivals and funfairs, birthday parties. In addition, these kiddie robot amusement rides are easy to maintain and transport from one place to another. These robot amusement rides are like miniature transformers out from the movies. And like reliable friends,  the robot rides will carry riders around. Of course, in fact, the riders can control the movements of the robots by controlling the joysticks. And these kiddie robot amusement rides can move back forward and forward, and even spinning in 360 degrees.   

Ferris ring car rides for sale

Ferris ring car ride belong to thrill rides. For they can turn the rides 360 degrees around the giant circle. The two pins can move in different directions around the circles consistently. Simple as  the ferris ring car seems, the ride can give riders extraordinary air time, turn riders in several circles. 

Extraordinary Thrill Top Scan Rides

Space Roller is a Mondial manufactured Top Scan ride. It’s one of the handful of major, modern European funfair rides that have started to pop up in the US and Canada. Typically these large rides weigh too much to travel on US highways (Top Spin is a prime example) so they are almost exclusively seen in Europe.

The main component of the Space Roller is a large boom with a six armed satellite on one end, and a counterweight on the other. Riders sit in rows of five and are secured by harness and seatbelt. These rows of seats have the ability to freely flip throughout the ride. Space Roller is truly the ride at any fair, but that drawing power comes at a price as this ride racks onto four trailers!

Space Roller is simply an alternative theme for Top Scan, but a popular one as at least two others exist. Other names for this ride include Samurai, Skater, The Beast, and Poseidon’s Rache (Poseidon’s Revenge.)
First, queuing riders must to wait in a somewhat disorganized queue line; it’s basically just a group of people herded onto the left side of the platform. In the past, a ride attendant would open the gate and the first 30 people to scamper, push or cajole their way through the gates got to ride. On more recent rides, the ride ops let 30 people onto the platform before each cycle. Now you just need to fight for a certain seat, rather than fight for a seat at all! The seats aren’t braked so when jumping up into the seat, it’s not uncommon for them to roll forward a bit. After seated people will usually try to pull their harness down and can’t because, unknown to them, the harnesses come down automatically. The satellite also spins a bit if there is too much weight on one end.This, of course, freaks some people out because they think the ride is starting with them not secured!

When the cycle begins, the support arm, which is on a hinge of some sort, moves up a few feet to raise the satellite off the platform. The satellite then starts to revolve for a bit before the boom begins to rotate.

Space RollerLike I mentioned, the seats can flip at random which makes this ride extremely unpredictable. It’s pretty hard to even explain what it’s like since so many sensations are felt. In certain instances, one can feel negative Gs and lateral Gs, all while upsidedown! For detailed ride experience, check:

One of my most vivid memories of this ride was when the row of seats that I was in stayed upsidedown while the boom rotated from the uppermost point, down to the platform. What I saw was an upsidedown loading platform rushing towards me until the seats flipped upright again. After the ride, it’s not uncommon to stray to the right while walking due to the heavy laterals during the entire ride (at least if you were sitting on an end seat.)

A few different rides in Beston have components of the Space Roller but provide very different rides. In Europe there is a ride called ‘Inferno ‘ which is also made by Mondial. Inferno has everything the Space Roller has except for the six sided satellite that riders sit in; instead there are two large gondolas that face each other. The two gondolas are able to perform horizontal flips at random, only much more slowly which allows for some massive hang time. Another ride called “High Energy,’ which is made by Zierer, is basically an Evolution type ride only with the Space Roller’s 6 sided satellite attached to one end.
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Monday, February 5, 2018

The Kids Love The Frog Hopper Ride

Most children love gonna amusement parks where they arrive at let loose enjoy the day and stay themselves. As parents additionally it is a fun experience simply because it take us back to our childhood when we would go like a family and also a wonderful day.

The good thing about going to amusement parts today is the fact there are plenty of more rides built to attract youngsters. In the past it was always those slow moving tea cups or merry go rounds that have been the same, although fun during the time it didn't provide you with any new experienced.

One ride that is a huge hit with lots of the younger children today may be the frog hopper. Safe for all young kids, you happen to be strapped tightly in to a seat which is supposed to mimic the movements of a frog because he bounces in one spot to another. It is actually so excellent to see the enjoyment each of the kids' faces since they bounce all around, some drop beyond others but absolutely nothing to outrageous that could scare small children.

All children want to be entertained and what better method of doing it than spending it an amusement park. The beauty of these parks today lie inside the fact there over time the creators of these rides experienced time and effort to improve on exactly what makes young kids happy. It is possible to certainly start to see the enjoyment on everyone's faces, like the parents while they watch their child hop up and down in the frog hopper ride.

Designed as a creative strategy to introduce children to various kinds of animals along with their movements, you may certainly that as the rides bounces all around in the controlled manner. Some parents may be afraid that it could be a little bit to high and scare your children, but a majority of kids are resilient and discover it loads of fun.

At many amusement parks throughout the country now there is a fantastic emphasis placed on rides for youngsters. Back in the old days there was always a segment of rides where height played a big part on whether or not you got to go on. Today though there rides made for all ages and heights so you really don't have much to think about.

Kids love ride especially ones that mimic their best animals. If you intend on taking your young ones to a amusement park, ensure you keep an eye out to the frog hopper!

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cool robot ride


Kids robot amusement rides on sale. Cool looking mini transformers. Moving freely around on any floor. Best robot rides for malls, parties, carnivals, as well as children sections in theme and amusement parks.

Discover more:

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The Pirate Ship Ride Is A Good Idea For Your Personal Amusement Park

There are certain sorts of rides at fairgrounds and amusement parks that focus on larger groups of people. The pirate ship ride is one. Sh...